Sew On!

Lightweight threads intended to blend:

  • Bottom Line. 60 wt. lint-free polyester. Ideal for detail quilting, bobbin thread, applique, and binding. 55 solid colors.
  • So Fine #50. Smooth, lint-free #50/3-ply poly. Popular as both a top thread and bobbin thread. 134 solid colors.
  • MonoPoly. Very fine, yet strong, invisible polyester thread. Clear and Smoke colors.
  • Note: When the top and back threads are of the same color the best results are obtained.

You can choose from our batting:

  • Quilter's Dream Cotton in four lofts
    • Select Loft - (available now)
  • Special Order
  • Deluxe Loft - (special order)
  • Supreme Loft - (special order)
  • Request Loft - (special order)

  • Quilters Dream Poly Request Loft - (special order)
  • Quilters Dream Blend for machines - (available now)

Longarm setup process 

  1.  Please provide a picture of your quilt--front, back and close-up before you send it.
  2. Send fabric remnants with your quilt if you want the best thread & tension match.
  3. The perimeter seams need to stay-stitched so they do not unravel before quilting.
  4. Provide your longarm pattern or select from Thimbleina's.
  5. Square your quilt top, press your seams flat, and trim clumps and long unraveled threads. Dark threads will show through white fabric and  look unsightly on your quilt.
  6.  Make certain your borders lay flat. If they do not, fix them before you send them to us. Flat borders make nice quilted products.
  7. Square your quilt backing. Backing must be a minimum of 6 inches wider & longer than your quilt top. (This means 3" on top, 3" on bottom, 3" on each side.) This is required for pinning to the canvases. If you are short on fabric you can add strips of any fabric as needed to the sides or top & bottom. The 6" needed for loading will not be quilted so it can be anything.
  8.  Mark the top of your quilt if it is not obvious. Use a safety pin or a bit of fabric.
  9.  Provide batting the same size as the backing. You can also order from us. Please advise at the time of order which option you prefer.
  10.  Mail all items to  Thimbleina LLC , P.O. Box 839, Spicewood, Texas 78669
  11.  When your quilt is received we will call to provide an accurate price quote. Please provide your phone number and email.

After quilting we will trim your quilt square and send back to you unless you request us to complete the binding.

We reserve the right to send your top & backing back to you untouched if not properly prepared. In certain cases with your permission, we may choose to do what is essential for an added fee.

Shipping Advice

Wrap your items in sealed plastic to protect them in case the package is mishandled, torn or wet.

When you send us your quilt you have to decide on the size of package depending on what you are sending.
We use USPS to return your quilts.  Based on the size and weight we will choose the best rate for return.

Please let us know if you would like your stitching to be, minimal, medium, loose, soft, or dense. Let us know what row height you would like for your pattern.

Labor charges are calculated on the time the machine is actually stitching. “Additional charges may have to be added for adjustments that we may have to make to the quilt (after a conversation with the customer).”

We quilt up to King size

  • Thread charge $12.00 
  • Longarm Standard Pantographs (Border to Border) 0.016 per sq. in. 
  • Very large or very dense quilting will be 0.017-0.020 per sq. in.
  • Longarm set-up fee $20.00 

Custom Quilting

  •  Custom work will take more thread and more time. The finished product is worth it all.  Prices may vary from $0.035 up to $0.05 sq. in.
  • Binding Cost is $0.30 to $0.40 per in. (2L + 2W) depending on complexity.
  • We do not piece entire quilts.
  • We will add borders. The customer must send us the cut pieces for the border. The cost will be $0.25 per in. (2L + 2W)
  • Shipping. Online Priority USPS return shipping with delivery confirmation.

Available Threads intended to be visible:

  •  Superior
  • Hemingworth is a polyselect, colorfast, #40 weight thread
  • Maderia #40 Classic Rayon is known for its high tensile strength and excellent glossy luster. Made from 100% Viscose Rayon
  • Magnifico.#40 Superior high strength, high sheen lint-free multi-filament poly. 200 solid colors.
  • Medeira Threads #40
  • Art Studio Colors.#40 Superior high-sheen premium trilobal polyester thread. Beautiful color presence when embroidered or quilted. 36 colors. Ideal for embroidery and quilting. Sheen is similar to rayon but stronger and colorfast.
  • Metallic 

Longarm Quilting Services


Pricing depends on Longarm Quilting Services required for completion of your quilt. Other items affecting the price will be batting, binding, and quilting patterns. Quilting is time intensive. We strive for excellence.

Shop our longarm quilting designs at the bottom of this page. Choose a design or more than one and enter the grid location for the design in the Custom Request on the email form to the right.

(Example: "Block pattern A1")

Following are the Longarm pattern prices

  • Choose from our Longarm Quilting Designs                         $10.00 each
  • Special order Designs depending on complexity up to   $25.00 each
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